What is MAiAK?

MAiAK is a brisk, strategic turn-based game for 2 players with a variable game board in an elegant design wooden box.

Each player has five game stones (black vs. white) at the beginning of the game.

The goal of the game is to get one game piece to the opposite side of the game board before the opponent does. Sounds simple, but try it for yourself.

The bord game MAiAK uniquely combines the gaming principles of checkers, chess and pentago to create a whole new level of strategic thinking.

MAiAK is simply for everyone.

It attracts both older players who have already played some games and younger players, even younger than 5 years. Older players will enjoy the charm of discovering different strategies, and the youngest players will use a rather elegant educational design to practice fine finger work and to recognize different shapes and colors.

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